Solo Operating System Image (SOSI) Downloads

The latest SOSI is:

  name       : sosi-2017-11-05.img
  raspbian   :  This SOSI is based on 2017-08-16-raspbian-stretch-lite.img
  sha1sum    : 5f2f73da24028e6770823a7a56bf71885f2cddd4
  size       : 315MB
  exact size : 330469836
  solo       : git rev-parse HEAD: 4c784d08e5d2ccf19fe3f65de5b36da679846dee
  amon       : git rev-parse HEAD: 2c2474c8e947c8e8ea4546af711235134f4cc61d
  This release includes:
     Better documentation in amon.conf for volume settings on SB2 and 3
     Smaller size.

Older Releases

  name: sosi-2017-08-24.img
  sha1sum    : 7adc7f6306825f097603ebc4bcc97bf2da3d6cb3
  size       : 377MB
  exact size : 395601416
  solo: git rev-parse HEAD: 93e698de70975222fe1f74733a9632c12e793486
  amon: git rev-parse HEAD: 4d77dc1e01b02d49184f501d9783cbefb4e84791
  raspbian:  This SOSI is based on 2017-08-16-raspbian-stretch-lite.img
  This release includes:
       Support for "Sound Blaster Play! 3" USB sound card. 
       This version is based on new Raspbian Stretch.

  name: sosi-2017-06-14.img
  sha1sum    : 14a9a8f80b66acc65f0113a49ce5b9055382bce7
  size       : 302MB
  exact size : 316834990
  solo: git rev-parse HEAD: a00aaeceb9fed6af7f621cadc6d99c3d786b8180
  amon: git rev-parse HEAD: eb227b788ec8ba0ffcdcd65220e893657e169cae
  This release includes:
       Support for "Sound Blaster Play! 2" USB sound card.

  name: sosi-2016-09-18.img
  sha1sum    : b988c7dcfef8565599151378e63deddf823f6a44
  size       : 305MB
  exact size : 320216909
  solo: git rev-parse HEAD: 098d557817bb1c1ba07607b0208a62f3dfcca910
  amon: git rev-parse HEAD: 5e49abe561cb40b134951456c02c550720017519
  This release includes:
    New Linux kernel (4.4.14+)
    Calendar support
    USB microphone support - Dodotronic Ultramic 200K and Blue Snowflake
    many other smaller fixes and improvements...